ROOF for Dwarven Forge by Tom

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Here are the roof i can sell, all over the world. These roofs are made in synthetic plaster and are painted by myself

2 types of roofs

  1. Thatched roof

  2. Tiled roof

Exit the dungeon adventures to open is no problem with Dwarven Forge. The principle of the trademark (system puzzle or Lego) is so flexible that almost everything is represented. Everything ...? perhaps not, including the roof to cover buildings constructed with the parts DF.
In any case, the observation I made during my outdoor adventures. So I decided to get into the creation of a range of roofs compatible with DF.



I choose Non-modular roof including:
► STABILITY + (no risk of collapse, drop in piece)
► greater speed in application and removal (roof arises in 1 second and can be removed in 1 second)
► + aesthetics (one roof in one piece provides a visual rendering above an assembly of pieces)
► More SOLIDITY (one roof in one piece is stronger than the parts assembled)


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Why some Roofs?


"The roofs for the village headquarters of the campaign"

My initial goal was to have a village full so that my players can live the adventures evolving in the same place. A place crossroads of the campaign game
A well-identifiable, quick to assemble and disassemble for the master, which should serve as a "base", HQ or starting point for many adventures.

We can imagine a village for example, that the adventurers leave presumably for more epic adventures. They return regularly to rest, crammed their treasures, spending, carry out surveys, find help, review of knowledge, be betrayed, find information or material .... they will find a place that is changing or will change even these places.

A place that will take back, it will recover or defend. A place with characters not central players in the campaign. This village should be an additional tool to enrich the development of characters who pass for young farmers, anonymous, in search of adventures of famous characters , owners increasingly powerful.

In short this village is to realize the time passing
If the idea of adventure in a village (or city for those with a lot of places) is not very original, surely out of the dungeon is indispensable role play if a minimum likelihood. This output could not be done without the icing on the cake is that these roofs. They realy change the table and give the finishing was lacking to make a real table  without default.

"The rooftops as cherries on the cake, to preserve the aesthetics of the table"

These roofs last a last card, they can optimize the smooth running of the game without any impasse on aesthetics.
The value of DF is its visual power of 3D realism. It is so pity to have to cover our dungeon with carpeting or books. I regretted it as insurmountable paradox (I want a beautiful table, I met for hours to get there but in the end for the game, I cover the end with full horrible carpeting ...:)

With these roofs, I finally exceed this problem. Indeed at first the action takes place around the buildings, the mystery of their interiors is preserved, then when the game leads to the interior, remove the roof to find rooms, furniture and non players characters. Thus, at each building, its coverage, its mystery, its uniqueness.
This project has also been designed to remedy this deficiency.


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About price:

All the roofs are made of handmade, in my home.

Here is a 10x10 roof MBS tiled

For a set of 4 roof (10x10, 6x6, 4x6, 4x4)
It takes 3 or 4 hours to make the plaster molds synthetic because I must do 3 series.
A new 2 or 3 hours to assemble. A first assembly with glue, then a second pass when it is dry to seal and solidify (or plaster with the same glue)
A new 3 or 4 hours to paint.

some more hours to package

A small roof application almost as much work as large. The bulk is a little more expensive because it requires more  plaster and glue.
Each roof requires a blend of 5 different coins, 10 for the 10x6 tatched.

After a week of intensive work where I could test the firm's difficulties, I have reached the following conclusion: There are a lot of labor is long, quite technical and rather boring.
Add to that, I must repay my investment silicone over 800 $
Franck that I pay for the many hours he spent to finalize my project
I take into account the costs of plaster, glue and paint. A 10x10 roof costs about 15 $  for the plaster ...

In short, these roofs costly. And if I want to share the fruit of my project with the passion of DF, if I want to carry out my project, I do not work for nothing.
Only the most motivated can therefore afford.

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Prices & possibilities:

To unity:

Roofs are now build and sold by SOLO

they are in resin not in plaster

en inch(casesDF)   4x4   4x6   4x10   4x6   6x6   6x10   10x10
en cm   10x10   10x15   10x25   15x10   15x15   15x25   25x25
Type de pignon   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis   Pignon en pierre Pignon en torchis
Couverture:CHAUME   45 45   46 46     46 46   49 49   59 59  
Couverture:TUILE   45 45   46 46   49 49   46 46   49 49   55 55   65 65
PRICES/Prix en     to buy roofs:

10x6 MBS/tatched 

to buy roofs:

 By sets

Small Roof Set  (SRS): 185

4 roofs: 10x10, 6x6, 4x6, 4x4

You can choose MBS or Stone


 25x25 15x15

10x10 15x10

Here are 2 SRS in this photo

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to buy roofs:

By sets

Large Roof Set  (LRS): 335

7 toits: 10x10, 6x10, 6x6, 6x6, 6x4, 4x4, 4x4

You can choose MBS or Stone. if you take a 10x6 tatched there will be 15 more

( Shipping to USA from France is about 100 euros for a Large Roof Set)

(Shipping to Europe from France is about 50 euros for a LRS)

contact me for more informations


 25x25 15x25 15x15 15x15
15x10 10x10 10x10  

Contact to buy roofs:

Here is a photo of the LRS

Here is an exemple for the size:



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About sizes:

Roofs  (or 4x4 inch boxes DF) are used to cover all small houses. These houses have a specific interest: to realize a village with many houses in order to give variety in the case of research / searching in the village. If there will be no interest to visit this kind of narrow and basic housing, there will meet NPCs living there and play around with streets, squares, streets that housing shape.


Example of Internal 4x4

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Roofs (or 6x6 inch boxes DF) are used to cover conventional houses. There is enough room to do some strategic movements and to diversify the inside. From this format we can materialize incontournables houses of a village. (Single house, shop, gun shop, forge, prison ...) This is the same format as the 'Ogre' s den "


Example of Internal 6x6


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Roofs  (4x6 or 6x4 inch boxes or DF) is used to cover houses intermediaries. They have a rectangular shape to contrast with the other houses square. Large enough to cause small equipment to specify the function type of housing, small enough to save space on the table and coins DF. 2 types of roofs exist: Gable in the 10 cm and 15 cm in gable. The resulting roof heights are differents.

Example of Internal 4x6 or 6x4


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Roofs  (10x10 inch boxes or DF) is used to cover large buildings with a strategic adventure (hostel, temple, barracks, remains to burgle. The surface is important, it allows to realize different rooms (kitchen, room, bar, hall etc ...) and of course, led the DOJ to provide important stages of the adventure.


Example of Internal 10x10

Each roof is a set of 5 to 7 parts assembly (2 parts of roofs, gables 2, an umbrella and 2 edges of roofs
I am responsible for molding the parts, assemble them by gluing, to adjust for a successful finish, then paint.

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Thatched roof 4X4, stone

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Thatched roof 4X6,MBS

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Thatched roof 6X4, stone

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Thatched roof 6X6, MBS

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Tiled roof 10x10, stone

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Tiled roof 10x10, MBS