Inn of EM4


Why this inn has interested me?

That made a few times that I seek dwellings of surface. I excavated the whole Web and the result lets appear a constant: the buildings often too small and are badly adapted on the scale 28mm or 30mm.

I add to that the obligation to assemble the building and to paint it in the majority of the cases.

And then I fall on this inn. It seems that the scale is correct for figurines of 28 with 30mm. Besides I have figurines of EM4 which one finds on the photograph on the site. The magician who is actually rather tall seems perfectly adapted to the size of the inn. Then in comparison with photo Ci above, I decided to launch me.

Cavity it is not given but I takes the bet which quality will be there following the example superb figurines of EM4 which form already part of my collection

I launch out....


I have just received today the inn of EM4, bought 39, more approximately 15 euros of carriage costs directly in source at company EM4... 500 balls nevertheless!!!..

First impressions:

The parcel solid and is well made, the very short times... bought on Internet and receipt approximately 3 days afterwards.

The total size is that of a sheet approximately, height 15 cm

Painting is of very good quality

many details sympas

2 doors which open (the gate and the door doubles bottom)

The scale is perfectly well adapted.

The final result is with the height of my waitings. This inn is splendid!!

Sight of a whole table.

Sight of with dimensions

Sight of the back

To materialize a HQ with my players, that seems perfect.

The underground of the inn is already near.

A flat, the roofs are removed indeed but the interior is not exploitable. or hardly...... Reflexion made, I of insane, I have my decorations DF to represent it... But better the knowledge is worth.

Acknowledge nevertheless that that has mouth!!!


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